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  • Cars for life 2017

    Cars for life

    My brother (Louis) organized a car-event at Vives Kortrijk to raise money for the Child Cancer Fund in Belgium. It was a huge success! So they raised about 3.000 euros!!! It was cold but a warm day to see everyone gather together to look at awesome cars! They did it for Music for life (De […]

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  • It’s been crazy

    The past 3 months since school started has been crazy. I don’t even know where to start. I got to watch a car race again, I got through my first year of college, got accepted in a student club, my ear operation is succeeded successfully, I work every Saturday to go to America in February, […]

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  • Beach day


    Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to the beach, Nieuwpoort. It was really windy and a bit cold, but that’s normal for Belgium haha 😉 We ate mussels with fries and it was delicious! Later I would love to live near the beach and wake up with breaking waves… But that’s for later! Tomorrow I’m going […]

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  • Italy


    Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting for a month but I’ve been having a pretty busy summer! I went to Italy with my family in the beginning of July and right after that I went to Dour! It was amazing! I have a after movie, if you’re interested the link is below! Now I’m working […]

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  • Champagne and pizza


    Hi everyone! Yesterday was a beautiful day, as I woke up I went running which I love doing! I try to run, then take a day off and then run again. Last summer I couldn’t even run a mile because of my injury and now I’m becoming better than ever! We also went to my […]

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  • Pink outfit

    Hi everyone! Today it was so hot outside, I can’t believe that the weather turned around so fast! This outfit is from Luisa Fashion in Roeselare! It’s my aunt her store and I work there now too! You should come by! This season there are so many beautiful clothes! June 24 and 25 you should […]

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  • I’M BACK

    Hi everyone! I’m back 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. This blog is going to be all about fashion/travel/fitness and food 🙂 I hope you’re all going to have a good day! You may or may not know that I have a Youtube channel and I make after movies of all my trips! […]